Julie H“-There are some people who you are fortunate enough to come across in your life who you instantly KNOW are exceptional, gifted and who will absolutely change your life forever! Isabella is one of those people. I must admit that before connecting with Isabella, I saw two other psychics. One who is quite celebrated on the east coast and did an *OK* job (small group setting) and the other a complete phony. I booked my first session with Isabella without understanding that I was in denial about a lot of residual personal pain I was in. I thought I had come to terms with certain relationships with loved ones who had passed. So much was about to change in my life… For the BETTER! My session was beyond  amazing and allowed me to really CONNECT with loved ones who had incredibly healing messages for me, delivered wrapped in packages of very specific, personal and private information that NO ONE ELSE could have possibly known. After the session I felt incredibly warm and cozy, but I also knew that there was more healing for me, more work to be done. I’ve had numerous sessions with Isabella which has resulted in unexpected and exceptionally wonderful healing of old wounds  that has allowed me to shed the shackles that have held me back in both my personal and professional life. There is no doubt that this is due to Isabella’s uncanny ability to DEEPLY connect with those who have passed, properly interpret their messages and couch things in such a way that encourages an open mind, heart and spirit. I was absolutely stunned to learn some of the things that Isabella passed along through spirit, (later verified!) and she helped me understand things in a way that truly changed things for me in my relationship with those who passed, with ME, and with my daughter. Isabella’s gift surpasses channeling, she’s able to interpret and help HEAL broken relationships from the PAST which allows one to move FORWARD in the PRESENT with a much greater sense of calm, and happiness. For me, this manifests in better relationships as WELL as better business! Because I’m able to unlock my potential. I was always successful, but this is different…I’ve been so moved by my work with Isabella that I’ve given a few sessions as gifts to my very closest family and friends, due to the deep level of healing this has brought me… I wish for EVERYONE to be able to experience the joy of healing that I have! I am so very grateful to Isabella, to her gift, and her incredible generosity of spirit, and most importantly the gentle and loving manner in which she uses it! Thank you, dear Isabella! I hope you know how cherished you are…

“Kat Oliver”-Isabella is a rare, genuine gem. One of the very few in this world who has taken her ability another level by the most accurate interpretation of her gift and crystal clear communication to answer your questions.  She had such specific relevant detail in my reading, that I was blown away and basically (as I’m sure all of her clients do) broke down and cried as she validated things only I could possibly know. I’ve had many readings over the time span of approx. 15yrs. Some were fake, most were too vague, and a few were not at all relevant to me.‎ So through my experiences I’ve learned; even if someone has the gift, it’s really not useful if they: 1. don’t have the ability to interpret messages they’re receiving; or 2. aren’t ‎picking up your energy but someone else’s & can’t tell the difference. Isabella’s skills are so refined and at such a high standard, that you do not have to worry or second guess. I absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for serious answers, because you won’t be disappointed.

Lisa B“- I met Isabella through social media and was very skeptical about psychics in general. Isabella gave me a reading and provided information that she absolutely could not have known, nor found online. I truly believe she has a gift and her insights gave me valuable information that really helped me through challenging times. Just thinking about my reading makes me crave another! Highly recommend Isabella.

Krystal B“- I’ve been searching for a Psychic medium for almost 2 years. My experience I had with Isabella was so unexplainable. Probably one of the best experiences I have ever had! She really is such an amazing person and her gift is seriously a blessing. She really truly connects with you. I can’t explain in words how satisfied I am with my experience. Isabella thank you so much for connecting me with my passed loved ones and relaying the messages I really needed to hear! I will definitely be referring her to everyone I know!!!

Angie A” -I’ve had readings in the past but Isabella was spot on. She nailed me completely. I could feel her compassion in her voice as spoke to me. She open my eyes up to a lot of things…loved the fact that she connected with my father. I would highly recommend a reading with her and it was worth every penny.

Nicole R“- Isabella is truly an amazing person. It was an unexplainable experience and I am so glad that I contacted her. I felt a connection almost instantly and could feel the presence of my loved ones as she spoke with me. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gift. It was definitely a lot to process but sometimes that is what you need.

Julie C” -I found Isabella to be very informative, my reading with her was “Spot On” I connected and understood everything she conveyed to me from my loved ones who have passed. I know she is genuine because thins she said were things that nobody would have a clue about unless she was guided to say them. Thank You from the bottom of my heart Isabella. Love and Light.

Zdravko S” -I was very skeptical with the whole psychic medium thing when I made the appointment to speak with Isabella. Literally 3 minutes into the conversation, most of my skepticism had been relieved. She connected with some of my loved ones that have passed on, and was BLOWN AWAY by the things she had told me. There were things that NOBODY would have known, specific things, that weren’t public knowledge. It was an amazing experience!! Just be prepared with tissue as you will experience lots of emotion. Isabella, thank you again, you truly are a gifted individual!!

Staci B” -Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel right now. I’ve waited for so long to hear the words you gave me from my mom. You’re so very gifted and I’m grateful to God for bringing you into my life right when I needed these words of encouragement and love from mom and other loved ones!

Glennie O” -I’ve several reading over the years but this one was one of the best. Isabella was right on with everything. Connecting me with my loved one who are now in Spirit was exactly what I need at this time .. Thank you Isabella ..

Kayla S” -I was just completely blown away after connecting with Isabella. I am so very thankful for our reading together and am still in awe of your accuracy and everything that came up I was able to relate to immediately. Thank you for passing messages on to me and helping me understand certain situations. I am so very thankful ♡

Brenton M” -I did have some skeptical feelings going into this only because the experience was new to me. Once Isabella explained how it works and started to tell me info about myself, I became more drawn in. She connected me with my Grandmother who made me a believer 100%. I will be back to chat because I have so many more questions now that our 1 on 1 is over. Also thank you for bringing closure to a tragedy that has left me asking “why” for 3 years.

Amy G” -I’ve had readings before that were hit or miss. My reading with Isabella was like no other. To be able to communicate with my loved ones who have crossed over was nothing short of amazing. I was brought closure and also new beginnings. I will be calling her again to talk with my other loved ones who we couldn’t fit in the time frame. My heart is full. Thank you Isabella for everything.

Suzanne G” -My reading was amazing!! I felt like Isabella knew exactly who I was,what I was about. And I was very touched by her kindness and compassion. When the reading was over, I had a feeling of peace that I hadn’t felt before. I can honestly say that she changed my life.

Kathryn H” -I seriously feel so light and filled with joy.. Isabella has given me such an amazing experience and chance to hear messages meant for me from my guardian angels .. I am eternally grateful !

Katie L” -Just had a reading and it was amazing! She conveys everything in a really open and loving manner! I was so impressed with her and really enjoyed our session. Thank you very much!

Debbie D” -One of the best reading .Felt like i knew her the instant i answered the phone. Very enjoyable experience. Thank-you for sharing your gift with me! I will be contacting Isabella for more readings!

Kris M“-I had a reading with Isabella and was pleasantly surprised. She told me things about my loved ones that were spot on! I will definitely have her do a reading again. Thank you Isabella!!

Gabby S” -Isabella did an amazing job. I love how she got to the point. My grandma connected as well with my grandfather. I didn’t think I would find someone so amazing. Cant wait till the next reading. 30mins was sure not enough. I ENJOYED MY READING SO MUCH

Michelle G” -I found isabella was absolutely wonderful, and extremely accurate. She took her time to make sure I understood everything and one of the best psychic readings I’ve had. I look forward to future readings. I highly recommend a Isabella for a reading.

Michelle S” -I had such an amazing reading with Isabella. She was on point, very easy to talk to, along with a caring person. She not only gave me a reading she also included people who have past within my life. I left our conversation with peace of mind. I must say I was nervous at first because I never had a reading and did not know what to expect, but she surpassed my expectations. Not only is she real, she is very genuine and kind.

Joe W” -All i can say is Isabella,  you made my life little bit less stressful from this reading…my mom and i were sooo close, I have been having troubles with her passing …but after talking with you I’m glad to be able to know my mom is with me and guiding me like i hoped she would …wow you hit so many nails on the head with my mom…i wish i could get readings everyday from you thanks soooooooo much!!!!

“Michelle J”- First time I ever had a reading with Isabella Johnson was today. She was so on point with all the information that she gave me during the reading. Isabella relaxed my mind on some issues that I wasn’t sure of in my life. She is one of a kind and is great! Will be doing more readings with her.

“KM”-It’s been a pleasure and a blessing to work with Isabella Johnson for the past few months. Her knowledge, guidance, wisdom, and spiritual abilities have been an asset to my personal growth. She has provided me with meaningful answers to difficulties from my childhood.  The exercises she gave me to complete equipped me with the tools to unlock my feelings and view myself and relationships with others in a positive light.  I highly recommend contacting her to start your own life changing journey. 

“Kevin M” - I am writing this because it would be unfair to Isabella not to; not after all she has done to help me. I will start by saying that I’m a skeptic. My wife and I lost our son 4 and a half years ago; shortly after our loss, my wife understandably sought answers, and a way to connect with our son. She began talking to mediums in her pursuit of answers, in her pursuit to connect with him. I believe that many in these circumstances will hear what they want and hope to hear in “readings” with a medium; many do find consolation in what they are told. But my initial experience with two different mediums confirmed to me what I had felt all along - that many mediums speak only in vague, generalities, with nothing ever that you can really “hang your hat on”. And then my wife directed me to Isabella. I am no longer a skeptic; Isabella has made me a believer! Without question, she has a gift, truly, she has a gift. I feel that through my reading with her, I have connected with my son. Isabella, thank you, thank you, thank you! 

 “David B” - My name is David Blyweiss, and four months ago, my beautiful wife Jerri of thirty-five years collapsed and died suddenly on the floor of Philadelphia International Airport, as Jerri and my daughter were getting off an airplane from their annual mother-daughter mini-vacation.  This came as a shock to us, and my children and I have been grieving terribly ever since.  But then an unusual occurrence happened about a month ago.  I was getting tired of reading book after book about life after death, wanting and hoping that the optimistic descriptions of the Hereafter were true.  Not knowing why, I decided to search through podcasts about that very subject, something I had never done before.  I had a long drive to work and needed something -- anything -- to help me feel better and to have hope before I arrived at work.  I found a podcast entitled We Don't Die, and I listened to an episode or two, and then something magical happened.  I scrolled down the list of almost 300 available episodes and saw that one show in particular featured a psychic medium named Isabella Johnson.   For some reason that, to this day, I do not understand, I was moved to listen to that particular episode,  It was the best thing that has happened to me in these last four painful months.  Isabella Johnson sounded so kind, so wonderful, and so eager to help others.  With that in mind, I set up an appointment for last week, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Isabella was warm, encouraging, patient, kind, and -- most important -- incredibly accurate.  I always called my wife my queen, and on her tombstone are the engraved words "David's Queen Forever."  Isabella picked up on this queen information early in the reading, and I was instantly impressed.  She then was spot on when it came to other details that there was no way she could have known.  The messages and descriptions that Isabella gave me have given me hope that Jerri is really by our side and that we will be together again one day.  Isabella, you are a special lady.  For the first time in over four months, you gave me reason to hope -- and to smile.  When we finished our session, I felt as if I had known you all of my life.  I cannot thank you enough for giving me the strength to move forward, since you were so insistent that Jerri kept telling you that she wanted me to get up and get moving.  Isabella, meeting you was a blessing.  In a few months, I know we will do this again, and I know that others who have the privilege of enlisting your services will be every bit as satisfied and as grateful as I am.  God bless you and your wonderful office staff.  You are very special people.

“Diane L” - I heard Isabella on the "We Do Not Die' Podcast. I find her very believable and down to earth so I set up an appt. What I thought would be an average reading turned into anything but average! She helped me to find my biological father. Words can not adequately express my gratitude for her help. She is so caring and committed to her work. She went above and beyond to help figure out this mystery. Truly exceptional in word and deed! I will be setting up an appt. again! So grateful to you Isabella!