Q: How can i make an appointment with Isabella?

A: There are 2 ways to book an appointment 1 -Click the contact Tab, enter your e-mail and short message, press send and it will e-mail us and we’ll contact you.  2 -Go to our Facebook business page at Isabella Johnson-The Soul Reading Medium

Q: What questions am i asked while booking an appointment?

A: What service and length of time would you like? What time zone are you on? What is your availability like? What form of communication would you like to do for your reading?

Q: Do you need any personal information from me?

A: No, the only information we need is the questions asked during booking

Q: Does Isabella record the readings?

A: Isabella does not record the readings , but you are allowed too. 

Q: How do i make payment?

A: We only accept payment through Paypal, An invoice will be e-mailed to you, if you do not have a Paypal account there is a guest option.

Q: When is payment due?

A: All payments are due no later then 24hours after booking, If payment is not made in that time frame, your appointment will be cancelled 

Q: Can i cancel my appointment?

A: We do allow cancellations, However your next appointment will require payment before a new booking process starts.

Q: What happens if i miss my scheduled appointment day and time?

A: You will be charged a $20 rescheduling fee.